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Empowering Through Poetry and Creative Education

Our Story

Booted and Rooted was born out of a shared vision to create a space where poetry could be celebrated as a vehicle for change and personal growth. we recognized the profound influence poetry and creative expression can have on people's lives. With this realisation, we set out on a journey to bring the beauty of poetry and the potential of creative education to the forefront.

Our Social Mission

At Booted and Rooted, we firmly believe in using our platform for the greater good. Our social mission is at the core of everything we do, and it is guided by these principles:

Empowerment: We believe that every individual has a unique voice and story to share. Through poetry and creative education, we empower individuals to embrace their authenticity, express their emotions, and find strength in their vulnerability.

Inclusivity: We celebrate diversity and inclusivity in all its forms. Our community is a safe and welcoming space for people from different backgrounds, cultures, and experiences to come together, connect, and support one another.

Education: Knowledge is a powerful tool for personal growth. Through our educational programs and workshops, we equip individuals with the skills and insights needed to expand their creative horizons and enrich their lives.

Social Impact: Poetry is not just an art form; it is a catalyst for change. We actively engage in social initiatives, partnering with organizations and individuals to address pressing issues in our society and create a positive impact.


What We Offer


At Booted and Rooted, we curate a variety of enriching experiences to fulfill our mission:

1. Poetry Corner: Our Poetry Corner is a treasure trove of heartfelt poems written by talented poets from all walks of life. Whether you're an aspiring poet or a poetry lover, this is the place to immerse yourself in the beauty of words.

2. Creative Workshops: Our creative workshops are designed to ignite your creativity and inspire you to explore new forms of expression. From poetry writing to storytelling, these workshops are led by experienced mentors who are passionate about nurturing your artistic potential.

3. Social Initiatives: We believe in the power of collective action. Our social initiatives are collaborations with like-minded organizations to address issues such as literacy, mental health, and community empowerment.

4. Inspiration and Stories: We share inspiring stories of individuals whose lives have been transformed through poetry and creative education. These stories exemplify the profound impact that artistic expression can have on personal growth and well-being.

Join Our Community


We welcome you to become a part of our vibrant and caring community. By joining Booted and Rooted, you will have access to exclusive content, be notified of upcoming workshops and events, and be part of a movement that celebrates the incredible power of poetry and creativity.


Contact Us

We value open communication and are eager to hear from you. If you have any questions, ideas for collaboration, or simply want to share your thoughts, please don't hesitate to reach out to us through the contact information provided on our website.

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