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Featuring the late Dr. Marshall Rosenberg’s groundbreaking Nonviolent Communication, a language of life, is a resource to help you positively transform your thoughts, behaviours, and actions by incorporating compassionate communication techniques in your interactions with family, friends, coworkers, or anyone else you come into contact with on any given day.


What is Violent Communication?

Violent communication is what Dr. Rosenberg referred to as "life-disconnected, life-alienated thinking and language." It is precisely this way of thinking and speaking that takes us away from the quality of connection for which we are looking.

Violent communication can be seen as the opposite of what Nonviolent Communication is, because it is based on judgment, criticism, labeling and pigeon-holing others, avoiding responsibility and blaming, placing demands, threatening, and having rigid concepts of rightness and wrongness.

Violent communication uses static language — in other words, the verb "to be" — in order to know who is what and especially who is right and who is wrong, so that then we know who deserves to be rewarded and punished! Nonviolent Communication, on the other hand, is a process language which teaches you to be in the moment and connect with the deeper values and needs driving people's words and behavior rather than any intellectual diagnosis of "wrongness."

NVC teaches you how to speak your truth or share your perspective in a way that is most likely to lead to harmony than conflict. And it teaches you how to be in the face of uncomfortable statements — like blame, judgment, criticism, or a verbal attack — and listen for the values and needs behind the statement.


As a result you are less defensive, are able to stand in a more compassionate place, and are much more likely to defuse any potential conflict.