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Advisory Board and Volunteers

"We believe in people, we are one team and straightforward and open-minded,
We keep it simple, with a entrepreneurial spirit,  we are constantly aware of making improvements and run our business lawfully with full compliance, with value for money and cost-consciousness."

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Accounts Manager

A change in perception attitudes and beliefs,"Through workshops, champions torch bearers, so that people believe that they have a positive future."


Terrence Smith

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Staffing and Production

Operations Manager

"A change of knowledge"

Through outreach, and open days, social media and events, leaflets and brochures, building partnerships and networks, so that we increase the knowledge of the resources available to the community."

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Michael Groce

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Compliance Manager

A change in training, needs to happen

"Through building on partnerships, with individuals, local businesses and authorities, funders and stakeholders, and Media so that there is an decrease unemployment, and increase community


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Phil Davies

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Staffing and Purchasing

Resource Manager

Develop new skills

"Through courses and programmes, information, advice and guidance, so that we increase employment skills, and change financial status."

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Kevin Taylor

Booted and Rooted uses a Matrix structure as our hierarchy

This structure is widely used both by companies that are constantly launching new products and marketing campaigns, for example, and by companies that have project-based structures, but also believe that functional supervision is necessary and important.

As each project at Booted and Rooted normally occurs independently and with a variety of organisations,  it’s important to have a senior manager of each department (finance, operations, HR, marketing, etc.) to check if everything is in accordance with not only the company’s, but also suppliers and buyers,  policies and level of services.

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